Triple Treats


T r i p l e T r e a t
Super cute triple packs of earrings! Sweet mixes of acrylic, wood and resin earrings. Great gift or treat yourself!

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  • Blush 10mm, Silver hearts, White Hexagons Sold Out
  • White minis, gold hearts, Black 13mm
  • Gold 10mm, Black Triangles, Grey 13mm
  • Wooden Clouds, silver 10mm, Blush hexagons
  • Clouds, Silver Hearts, White Dahlias
  • Silver Hearts, Blush Mini's (10mm), wooden Birds
  • Blush Hearts, Silver Minis, Wooden Horses
  • Blush Hearts, Silver Minis, Wooden Hummingbirds
  • Blush Hearts, Silver Minis, Wooden Clouds
  • Blush Hearts, Silver Minis, Wooden Fawns
  • Mini Blush Hexis, Wooden Hearts, Chunky Bronze circles
  • Blush mini hexagons, wooden hummingbirds, chunky bronze 13mm
  • Multi 10mm, Blush Hearts, wooden fawns (15mm)s
  • {New} Chunky Bronze Mini Hexis, Blush Hearts, Wooden round 'love' Sold Out
  • Silver hearts, wooden hummingbirds, blush 13mm circles
  • Chunky Bronze 10mm, Blush mini Hexagons, Wooden Hummingbirds
  • {New} Wooden Clouds, Rose Gold Glitter Hearts, Blush 13mm Circles
  • {New} Rose Gold Glitter Mini Hexagons, Blush Hearts, Wooden Bunnies
  • {New} Blush Mini Hexagons, Silver Hearts, Wooden Bunnies
  • {NEW}Chunky Bronze mini Hexis, Wooden arrows, Black Dahlias
  • {New!} Blush Minis, Wooden Crosses, Grey Hexagons
  • {NEW} Wooden Clouds, Blush Hearts, Chunky Silver 13mm Circles
  • {New!} Wooden Clouds, Purple & Teal Hearts, Silver 10mm Minis
  • New! Super Mini Round - Black/Rose Gold/Blush
  • New! Super Mini Round - Grey/Silver/Wood
  • Chunky Silver 10mm circles, Hummingbirds, Blush Hexagons
  • {NEW} Timber Hearts, Chunky Silver Hexis, Peach Dahlias
  • {New} Wooden Clouds, blush hearts, Chunky Silver Hexagons
  • {NEW} Chunky Silver 10mm Round, Wood Hearts, Blush Hexagons
  • NEW! Timber Hearts, Forrest Green Mini Hexagons, Chunky Silver 13mm Circles
  • NEW! Chunky Silver 10mm Circles, Timber Hearts, Mint Mini Hexagons
  • Matte Pastels // Cornflower Blue 10mm Circles, Mint Hexis, Purple 13mm Circles